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Accentuating the Innovations and Applications of Industrial Biotechnology to combat the COVID -19 pandemic

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With immense pleasure, we at the AAC group proudly announce the “4th International Conference on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing scheduled in April 25-26, 2022 at Dubai, UAE.

Industrial Biotechnology 2021 is the new edition of the “3rd International Conference on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing” which was held in Paris, France on February 17-18, 2021.

We would like to extend our heart whelming thanks and appreciate the Industrial Biotechnology 2020’s Keynote speakers, session speakers, session organizers, chairs of the session and all the attendees without whom the cherished attainment of the conference was not possible.

This conference is designed for professionals, scientists and young research forums engaged in the field of biotechnology. We have made every effort to make this event more practical and less theoretical. It focuses on latest updates, research and advances in the industrial biotechnology.

Renowned regional and International speakers will be participating in the conference through a series of plenary sessions, workshops and breakout sessions.

We look forward to welcome you to the “4th International Conference on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing” in the city of lights Dubai.

With Regards,

Carter Perry

Program Manager | Industrial Biotechnology 2022

Scientific Sessions

Session on: Industrial Biotechnology:

Industrial Biotechnology that is additionally referred to as “White biotechnology” is one amongst the foremost favorable processes/methods to regulate most of the intense problems with trendy trade. Enzymes and micro-organisms square measure wont to create merchandise that square measure bio-based in sectors like chemicals, food and feed, detergents, paper and pulp, textiles and bioenergy. This session can embrace the recent advances and analysis that permits to use renewable raw materials and may contribute to lowering greenhouse emissions and stirring far from a petrochemical-based economy.

Session on: Bioprocessing and Bioseparation:

Bioprocessing is employed as a really essential tool for the fast conversion of bioproducts from the science laboratory to business merchandise. and therefore the aim of practising bioseparation is to cleanse molecules, cells, and components of cells into sublimate fractions. this may be wont to explore and to boost the speed within the discovery of bioprocesses application for the manufacture at a scale of next-generation artifact of business biotechnology. This session can concentrate on the newest innovations and new techniques that may cause biomanufacturing industries for a more robust circular bioeconomy.

Session on: Cell and enzyme engineering:

The application of recombinant DNA technology techniques to accelerator technology is that the most enjoyable innovation over the previous couple of years. The yield and mechanics of the accelerator, the convenience of downstream process and numerous safety aspects could also be improved or altered to form the accelerator additional economical. it'll facilitate to work out the precise product and pathways for reactions to occur and to convert from some sure compounds into biotransformation.

Session on: Biobased products:

Bioproducts or bio-based product are product created with some constituent of biological or renewable materials. It involves all the processes, ranging from stuff production through the process stages to the synthesis of finish product, additionally to analysis, development and exploitation processes. The developing bioeconomy offers the potential to contribute considerably to the economies across the planet. Also, bio-based product research& development can give economic, environmental and health edges.

Session on: Biocatalysis and biotransformation:

Biocatalysis will be explained because the use of natural product like one or a lot of enzymes or cells to hurry up (or catalyze) chemical reactions. By shift to biocatalysis because the main technology for chemical production, it'll cause inexperienced, reduces pollution and value, and facilitate towards bioeconomy. Biocatalysis can facilitate in increasing the power to use enzymes to catalyse chemical reactions in Industrial Biotechnology.

Session on: Biomaterials:

Biomaterials play a very important role within the medication business these days in the main in restoring perform and facilitating wound healing for individuals once injury or sickness. The recent advances of biomaterials mix medication, biology, physics, and chemistry, and newer fields square measure from tissue engineering and materials science. Biomaterials found their application in varied fields like in dental applications, surgery, and drug delivery.

Session on: Bioenergy and Biorenewables:

Bioenergy and Biorenewables supply an answer for the assembly of renewable energy from perishable sources, like wastes from municipal, food, agricultural and biomass. The report says that bioenergy constitutes the bulk (65%) of the EU’srenewable energy combine. the employment of biomass energy will minimize our greenhouse emission emissions it’s feedstocks may facilitate in creating profits for the agricultural trade.

Session on: Bioreactor design and scale-up:

Bioreactor planning plays an important role within the functioning of bioprocess principally for upstream process. style and selection of the correct bioreactors is influenced by the character of cells, engineering conditions, likewise as economic and moral concerns. To commercialize the merchandise from laboratory scale to industrial scale, scaling of the bioreactor is extremely necessary. The success of the method hinges, to a limit, on making certain the planning aspects in bioreactor and also the operational procedures.

Session on: Bioplastics and Biopolymers:

Plastic is extremely ordinarily used fossil fuel by-product within the world and report says that every year two hundred million heaps of plastic square measure utilized/consumed by the living beings on Earth. As a substitute the employment of bioplastics is being inspired, that is 100 percent perishable, equally versatile to plastics, and therefore the usage of biopolymers square measure already changing into far-famed in cities of Europe and therefore the u. s. for ecological reasons. Poly-hydroxyalkonates.

Session on: Synthetic Biology:

The objective of artificial biology is to create biology convenient to engineers. Synthetic biology is that the mixture of innovations in biology and applied science that validate US to travel from plan to product quicker, cheaper, and with bigger preciseness than ever before. it's applications in areas as numerous as industrial biotechnology, health, agro-industries and protective ecosystems.

Session on: Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering:

Hereby regenerative medicines we tend to mean the bioprocess engineering space of vegetative cell tissue engineering together with scale-up and scale-down. within the “whole bioprocessing” facet, the whole method ranging from a donor or patient diagnostic test through to clinical insertion into the patient. Regenerative medication and tissue engineering area unit one among the fastest-growing space of analysis in industrial biotechnology.

Session on: Agri-food technology:

The Agri-food trade includes a important role to play in industrial biotechnology, the motive of that is to feed populations, principally through a sequence of market relationships. The food system at intervals the agri-food trade varies by country. Techniques like gene-splicing, molecular markers, molecular nosology, vaccines, and tissue culture, is employed by agricultural science to change the genes in living organisms together with plants, animals, and microorganisms.

Session on: Marine biotechnology:

Marine Biotechnology or blue economy is securing industrial merchandise and methodes by synthesizing proteins and enzymes and might additionally support new process innovation within the pharmaceutical and food industries or in biological science and diagnostic kits. The new applications of marine-derived enzymes square measure found to be within the beauty business and also the use of protoctist and microalgae in biofuel production.

Session on: Cell therapy bioprocessing:

Cell medical care bioprocessing activity is to form the analysis consultants empower the safe, clinically helpful and cheap production of cell therapies into industrial finish merchandise to be delivered to the patients. Current analysis is towards producing new cell and bioprocess engineering tools to reinforce the potency and techniques for health technology assessment to support the speedy clinical adoption of recent cell therapies.

Session on: Algal Technologies:

Algae area unit the ‘green gold’ of the long run bioeconomy as they became a valuable and property feedstock for varied industries tributary to the bio-sustainability. Their application varies from biofuels, food additives, animal feed, novel food, bioplastics, cosmetics, biofertilizers or greenhouse emission utilization and lots of a lot of. The market is speedily increasing, and it's still not reached its full potential. Scientists area unit performing on new technologies and price improvement to rescale pilot comes to industrial production for a higher inexperienced and clean future.


Session on: Bioremediation and Waste Treatment:

A treatment management system that uses natural organisms to get rid of or neutralize pollutants and convert into less harmful or non-toxic substances. For a self-made and effective bioremediation, the system wants an accurate balance of the favorable temperature and nutrient content. it's a cheap technique when put next to alternative pack up techniques, because it doesn't want an excellent deal of apparatus or labor.

Session on: New IB tools & technologies:

One of the foremost distinguished sectors within the industrial world is “biotechnology”. Today, the main target is to boost the effectivity and lustiness of microbic cell factories, appropriate for industrial production of product within the health trade et al.. Strain engineering is to be done to boost the present either by cause or advanced targeted strategies. If industrial biotechnology is employed to its full potential, it'd be the most effective tool towards a property bioeconomy.

Session on: Bioeconomy and Circular economy:

circular economy focuses to redefine growth, aiming at positive public edges. It avails step by step decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources and coming up with waste out of the system. Bioeconomy is knowing mechanisms and processes at the genetic and molecular levels and applying this understanding towards world property.

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Europe: Young European Biotech Network(YEBN), European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), European Bio-pharmaceutical enterprises (EBE), Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), European Association of PharmaBiotechnology (EAPB), DANSKBIOTEKDanish Biotechnology SocietyNovo Nordisk Foundation Center for Bio sustainabilityBio-Business and innovation platformIrish Bio-Industry Association (IBIA).

USA: Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), Bioindustry AssociationSwiss Biotech AssociationMassachusetts Biotechnology CouncilAssociation of Biotechnology LedEnterprises (ABLE), Illinois Biotechnology InnovationOrganization (bio), Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB).

Asia- Pacific: Asian Federation of biotechnology (AFOB), Federation of Asian Biotech Association (FABA), Bio-Asia

Market Analysis

USA: It’s been rumored by painter & Young, that last year's sales of$13.4 billion and revenues of $18.6 billion may be a ton quite the previous 2 decades’ figures. This year, the business has recruited quite 153,000people within the u. s.. Last year, yankee biotechnology industries have invested with $9.9 billion on R&D.

Asia-Pacific: The Asia-Pacific biotech market has dilated with a compound annual rate of growth (CAGR) of around 16 PF during2010-2012. it's been found that Japan and China ar dominant this business, whereas countries like Asian nation, India, and Singapore {are also|also ar|are} within the limelight and are wanting forward to dominating around seventieth of the world market.

Europe: A prosperous bio-based European economy is especially attributable to the economic biotechnology sector and quite hr of the world’s enzymes, has been created, so creating Europe, a world leader within the industrial biotechnology

field. the key countries within the world organization that came up during this sector enclosed Kingdom of Denmark, Germany, Kingdom of The Netherlands, France, UK, and Sweden

Why France?

Industrial Biotechnology analysis in France is hierarchic third within the world. Earlier this month, France Biotech, that represents natural science entrepreneurs, free its 16th“French HealthTech Survey,” that that showed the transformation of the French biotech surroundings over the past decade has big to incorporate quite one,800 corporations with abroad specialise in multiple aspects of the tending house. in line with the survey, France’s natural science business includes 720 biotech corporations, 73 biochemical-tech corporations, 886 corporations specialised in medical devices and medicine and two hundred corporations specializing in e-Health. the newest survey shows that quite 1/2 these corporations, 53 percent, use one to ten staff. Also, several of those corporations have sprung into existence over the past many years. in line with the survey, forty one % of the businesses ar but 5 years previous.

Why Paris?

The capital town may be a center for analysis in biotechnology the maximum amount because it is that the hub for fashion. Being a powerful mix of each worlds, Paris offers an excellent platform to host biotechnology conferences due to an outsized range of internationally applauded analysis institutes and universities. Its progressive laboratories covering all scientific disciplines makes Paris a really favorable destination for technical summits and conferences.

Past Conference Report

We would like to extend our heart whelming thanks to all the wonderful keynotes, speakers, conference attendees, media partners, and guests for joining Industrial Biotechnology 2018.

AAC hosted the International Conference on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing during August 16-17, 2018 at Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen Airport with the theme “Contribution of Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing towards sustainable Bio economy”. Gracious response and active contribution were received from the Editorial Board Members of supporting International Journals as well as the Organizing Committee Members and keynote speakers along with the academic scientists, researchers, students who made this event happen.

The meeting was carried out through various sessions, in which the discussions were held on the following major scientific tracks:

Industrial Biotechnology | Green Chemicals | Synthetic Biology | Industrial Enzymes

Current research focus in Industrial Biotechnology | Agro Biotechnology | Biofuels and Biorefinery |Industrial Microbes

The conference was commenced with an opening ceremony followed by a series of lectures delivered by both honorable guests and members of the Keynote forum. The experts who astonished us with their wonderful presentations were:

Søren Kjærulff | FermBiotics | Denmark

Dongzhi Wei | East China University of Science and Technology | China

Christopher Sorensen | GreenLab Denmark | Denmark

Lars Haastrup Pedersen | Aalborg University | Denmark

Christensen K V | University of Southern Denmark | Denmark

Heimann K | Flinders University | Australia
With the completion of Industrial Biotechnology 2018, AAC is excited to announce the 2nd International Conference on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing at London, UK from March 20-21, 2019.

Renowned Speakers

To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date April 25-26, 2022
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