Algal Technologies

Algal Technologies Photo Algae are the ‘green gold’ of the future bioeconomy as they became a valuable and sustainable feed stock for numerous industries contributing to the biosustainability. Their application varies from biofuels, food additives, animal feed, novel food, bioplastics, cosmetics, biofertilizers or CO2 utilization and many more. The market is rapidly expanding, and it is still not reached its full potential. Scientists are working on new technologies and cost optimization to scale up pilot projects to industrial production for a better green and clean future.

  • Cultivation and Harvesting
  • Bioproducts from algae
  • Algal-bacterial photo-bioreactors for wastewater treatment
  • Macroalgae-based technologies
  • Algae-based biorefineries
  • Biofuels from photosynthetic microorganisms
  • Algal biosequestration

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